About Us

Being a landlord can be one of the hardest jobs. With its management-intensive lifestyle and slim margins, it can wear someone down. But when you add your property to the co-op of properties with ProReps, your worries are gone. With ProReps at the helm, you can sleep easily knowing that a team of professionals are looking over your property. Call us today (713) 907-7521!

What do you get when you partner with ProReps?

  • Peace of mind
  • Customized attention to your property
  • Discounted professional services
  • Group buying to lower cost of maintenance
  • Hot list for investment properties
  • Education on real estate investments
  • Property purchasing reports
  • Customized agreements

Plus everything a management company does:

  • Management Service
  • Day-to-day operation
  • Leasing and training of resident
  • Advertising to prospective tenants
  • Document drafts as risk management
  • Record keeping of residents for legal matters
  • Lease renewals and maintaining customer relations
  • Evaluation and management of legal matters

Maintenance Services include (but are not limited to):

  • 24-hour emergency service for you and your customer
  • Access to knowledgeable professionals
  • Project overview management
  • Access to our reliable professional maintenance staff
  • Supervision of companies on your property
  • Periodic maintenance inspections to preserve your asset
  • Negotiation of low cost of repairs with highest quality of work
  • Seasonal maintenance: lawn care, snow removal, furnace inspections, etc.
  • Improvement studies and plans to improve property cash flow performance
  • Utility audits to identify cost savings opportunities
  • In house cleaning
  • Financial services
  • Bookkeeping
  • Bill payment
  • Rent collection
  • Monthly statements
  • Monthly property reports
  • Customizable reports
  • Tax preparation
  • ACH payment
  • Credit card payments
  • Bad debt collection